I am looking out of my window enjoying the sight of a beautiful new tar and shingle driveway.  The work has been excellently done by Daryn Moyse and his team over the past week.  It was a huge job, access is tricky and the weather has been very hot.  This has not deterred Daryn, Oli, Rob and the others.  They have all worked hard to ensure that that old driveway was removed, the base layer swept meticulously, and then the final tar spray and shingle application applied carefully.  It involved diggers, dumpers, boiling tar and truck loads of materials to be removed and returned with tons of type 1 and the shingle.   All of this work was done cheerfully and I was kept informed every day of what to expect and given a chance to assess how things were going as the work progressed.   I am delighted with the result and very glad that I gave Daryn the opportunity to do this job.   I had to put my trust in him when we first met and he did not let me down.   I highly recommend him and his company.